Gordon writes: "Greenstone 2.30 introduces new import plugins (for source code, postscript, Refer and BibTex), updates many existing ones and tidies up the third-party GPLed packages. The admin page has new functionality, and the configuration options have been extended to enhance logging now off by default) and error notification. Development continues on windows (stability) and phrase browsing (integration). Many bugs were fixed - but many remain."

freedb howto v1.00


As seen on fdb-apps, the most excellent freedb project now has a thorough and useful how-to available: "The howto covers freedb access, submit, disc ID generation, freedb file format, server protocol and much more." A sample algorithm for disc IDs is even included. Terrific documentation for a great project.


As seen on perl4lib, with details from pod2htmlificated docs, the 'director' perl script by Steve Thomas is a very slick link, um, director. As it says in the docs: "Director is a cgi script mapping an id to an appropriate URL for a web-based resource. Mapping is done through a hash lookup to a ``Resource Description Table'' (RDT), where entries have [a very straightforward structure]. The ID is taken from the initiating URL and used to lookup the RDT. 'Type' defines what happens next, using whatever parameters are included." This handy GPL'd script is available here.


I might have missed the announce list message, but checking (esp. the download page it appears that version 1.0 is ready to go. According to the main page, "An earlier private beta release of eprints met with unanimous approval. The first complete operational release is available (for free, of course) as of December 1 2000." Of course, the Open Archives standard is about to change as of mid-January (at the public meeting in D.C.), when they will release the next version of the OAI spec. So eprints will have to change pretty soon, but it looks solid already otherwise.



from pybliographer-list; improvements include "check [for] eventual modification of the file by an external program before overwriting; fix[ed] some problems with the bibtex parser (especially during conversions); improve[d] parsing of Ovid files (keywords, journal)." Check it out at the gnome pyblio home.

Avanti: project update


Peter writes: "A preview version of PicoDB (a simple, lightweight DBMS core written in Java) along with technical documentation has been posted to the Avanti project website. PicoDB is the integrated database component for the Avanti library system. With a design philosophy that emhasizes simplicity, it is being developed in anticipation of Avanti having to run in environments where a fully functional DBMS may not be available and to minimize the need to integrate with other software components for basic functionality. For more information vist the project website at"


Jim writes: "Public Access Network Admin Controlled Environment Application (PANACEA) is a post-installation script that easily configures a machine running RedHat 6.x as a public access Web browsing kiosk for libraries and other community technology access centers." For more see the

Greenstone 2.27


Gordon writes: "Version 2.27 of the Greenstone digital library software is available. There are two big improvements: 'The Collector' now works in Windows 95/98 and is more stable on other platforms; and the experimental 'Phind' phrase browsing interface is now a Greenstone classifier (Unix only). Various smaller improvements include: document display modes, Z39.50 efficiencies, new metadata extraction, enhancements to the install and make scripts, and many bug fixes. Examples at; download from sourceforge."

Indexdata making serious progress

After playing with the ZAP module for less than a half hour, having already installed YAZ and played with SimpleServer, and seeing now that they've got a YAZ library built into PHP4, I can now state unequivocally (or is that unequivocably?) that Indexdata kicks some serious booty. There are doing as much directly for our community as any other company there is. Check out their stuff... it works.


from freshmeat: "ull documentation is now available for the WordType class. The mifluzsearch application/cgi-bin was added. A cache estimation bug that inhibited the cache_max parameter was fixed. An important entry deletion bug was fixed. Minor documentation enhancements were made. Minor fixes were made for FreeBSD-4.1 and Redhat-7.0 ports. RPM package generation scripts were added." see for more.