James Beta 3


as seen on xml4lib, many improvements include an error handler interface, UNIMARC support, a default handler, and several other changes including bugfixes. Go get it at Bas Peters'James site.

PhpMyLibrary 1.0.3 Released


Stompro writes: "The Transaction, Circulation Module, and Basic MARC reader are now usable. The program can now add, edit, and delete library users. The user can also check in, check out, and renew library materials." Go get it at the forge.


From the README: "Libproxy is a simple rewriting pass-through proxy system designed especially for libraries... If you have patrons who are off-site, and who would like access to your on-site-only (e.g., IP-restricted or passworded) journals, databases, and full-text retrieval systems, then Libproxy is your solution." Get the latest source here or check out the overview online (it's also bundled with the code).


Kevin writes: "There is a new release of the YAZ toolkit . YAZ is a C/C++ programmer's toolkit supporting the development of Z39.50v3 clients and servers. In the release, there is a new ZOOM function, ZOOM_connection_last_event, that returns type of last event (such as "receive data", "send data", "apdu received", etc.) and two new YAZ client commands: . (dot, which sources a script of YAZ client commands), and ! (to execute shell command)."



Mark wrote to jake-list: "I've been making incremental improvements to jake2marc over the last year or so and thought it time to announce these... [summarized:] You can now choose where jake2marc gets its data, there are warnings if title URLs are unavailable, there's more control over subfields and indicators (including nonfiling characters in 245), and there's support for prefixes in 856." Note the new url, too.

Reference Desk Manager

Matt writes: "Welcome to the Reference Desk Manager (RDM) home page. The RDM is a PHP based web application, specifically designed to meet the needs of Reference Services. The RDM was initially developed at Oregon State University for use by our Reference Services staff. The code is being supplied as is, without warranty, for use and further development. For more information, please see the RDM Licensing. Moreover, as developments are made to the RDM codebase, they will be posted here for download. Feel free to offer suggests or improvements as well as any bug reports that you may find.



FFR writes: "PHPMy Library Looks promising, but the interface could use a designers touch. Just the basics folks, but fun to read the code and learn. From their site: 'Our project goal is to create web-based library automation application that will handle all transaction online. PhpMyLibrary is a PHP MySQL Library automation application. The program consist of cataloging, circulation, and the webpac module. The programs also has an import export feature. The program strictly follow the USMARC standard for adding materials." Note the distinction, it's not another "my library" despite the name.



from fm: "Multilanguage support has been added. Searches with MeSH terms are now possible. A new HTML format in attachments allows full functionality of BioMail with text-based mail clients. Users can receive all their searches in one letter. A Russian translation is now included."



Kristina wrote to jake-list: "The JakeFilter package is designed to convert title lists from different vendors into jake format... It was written so that it would be easy to add filters for other title lists. Instructions for doing this are on the JakeFilter project page. If you write a filter using this package, and want to share it, please let me know and I will add it to our CVS repository."



from fm: "This version provides direct access to the medline database. It better interprets author names in the medline format. Accented characters are now filtered out of entry keys. It is now possible to generate bibliographies for APA publications. Selected keys can now be copy/pasted in a text editor. Miscellanous bugs have been fixed." Find it at its gnome home.