1cate release from Openly


Eric wrote to oss4lib-discuss: "I'm pleased to announce the first public release of the dynamic text core of the 1Cate Link-Server Framework. The 1Cate Dynamic Text package is a lightweight dynamic text generation system closely integrated with Java. It is designed for speed, easy generation of dynamic URL's and object oriented web design. By implementing the com.openly.dt.DynamicTag interface, programmers can easily extend the capability of Dynamic Text templates to do almost anything imaginable."

YAZ release 1.8.2 available

Kevin writes: "There is a new release of the YAZ toolkit. YAZ is a C/C++ programmer's toolkit supporting the development of Z39.50v3 clients and servers. In the new release, there is a new client-side MARC decode/display function which properly rejects non-ISO2709 records. There are also some ZOOM API changes."



Peter writes to oss4lib-discuss: "Avanti version 0.4 has been released.� It is available at the Avanti project website along with documentation that can be perused online... Version 0.4 is a partial implementation of a library system and as such is not suitable for production use.� Rather, it is a reference version that defines the essential elements and architecture of the system, setting the stage for future development through version 1.0.� It is at the vanguard of what is expected to be a fairly rapid period of development toward a simple but functionally complete OPAC and circulation system in version 0.5.� This is tentatively expected some time around January 2002."

James beta 1


as seen on diglib: "James is a free Java package that provides an event model for MARC records through Java callbacks. James is inspired by the Simple API for XML (SAX). Using James you can write programs that involve MARC records without knowing the details of the MARC record structure... James provides a sequential model to access a collection of MARC records in tape format. The goal of James is to provide a generic application interface to records that conform to the ISO-2709 exchange format."

YAZ Release 1.8 available

Sebastian Hammer writes: "There is a new release of the YAZ toolkit available (in addition to maintenance releases of ZAP and Zebra). The most important change is that we include support for an early version of the ZOOM API. ZOOM is an exciting new development in Z39.50, which suggests a common, high-level interface which can be implemented across many toolkits, and in most programming languages. It promises to make life a lot easier for developers of Z39.50 clients."

OpenBook Technical Beta Preview


from Openbook-l: "By popular request, we have posted on our website a new OpenBook
Technical Beta Preview release
. This release includes: MARC21 bibliographic, authority, community, classification and holdings format, as well as a major circulation component and a rudimentary Z39.50 client in the OPAC as well as in the

cataloging interface. (Z39.50 can be best described as early beta!)... If you want to get some experience with the interface and the system, please visit since it runs the most up-to-date build of our current system at all times."



from fm, changes include: "Several bugfixes, an expanded online FAQ, and a new suspend account feature." Check it out at

Citation Manager


Todd writes: "We've developed a new open source tool which provides some of the functionality of personal bibliographic databases like EndNote or Procite. Its working name is Citation Manager. It runs on the server side and provides a database which handles multiple sites and users. The project site is missing important things like, well, everything except a link to the source code repository and the test server... but people at Access liked it and I thought I'd let everyone else see what we're up to. I'll be working on expanding the site into something useful, but in the mean time people are welcome to play around with the test database."

Rakim: A Knowledge Instant Messenger


Rob wrote to oss4lib-discuss: "i've been working on an online reference/chat system this summer, and thought some others might be interested... the aim of this software is to provide a free (both speech and beer) alternative to the LSSI's of the world....its GPL'd. we're using it here at Miami University (in Oxford, Ohio for you smart asses ;^) to do online reference for about 50-60 hours a week.... we just started using this rewrite about a month ago, and it seems to be stable enough to let others know about. its totally browser-based (no plugins, except for a sound clip that can be turned off), but limited to IE and Netscape 4.X, so it is cross-platform where those browsers exist; the browser support will be extended when i clean up some javascript for mozilla (and its off-spring Netscape6, Galeon, Skipstone), opera, konqueror, etc." Check out rakim and don't miss the docs (wow... docs for an initial release!).



The new version recognizes Ariel 3.0 files Prospero cannot handle and provides a proper warning. A later version of Prospero will handle these properly; for more info see (sorry for the delayed post)