IBM's UDDI4J-1.0 under open source license


as seen at lwn: "IBM has released the Universal Description, Discovery and Integration (UDDI) libraries as open source for Java developers. 'The Universal Description, Discovery and Integration initiative, launched last year, is a multivendor effort to create registries for Web services, allowing companies to automatically discover each other and do business over the Web.'"

Put simply, UDDI is a corporate registry framework, providing a standard API for white/yellow-pages services to enable ecommerce. In other words, this allows any business to specify which ecommerce functions they support, and it's all centered around corporate name authority control. For concrete examples of what code will look like, see this overview on the developerworks site.



Peter writes to oss4lib-discuss: "Over the past couple of months I have done a complete rewite and and reorganization of Avanti. The results so far can be seen here. It includes its own integrated database management system, PicoDB; and ARMS, a sort of a hyperlinked object database that will eventually be a key component for the future OPAC module.

This pre-release is meant as a reference point for subsequent development towards version 0.4 and to make it available for anyone interested to look at and play with. Its rough, with still a lot of fleshing out to do and user interfaces to put in place but that will be coming very soon!"

Go, Peter, go!



from pybliographer-general, changes for 1.0.8 include fixed search, additional translations and documentation updates, and an improved bibtex parser. Go get it at the pyblio site.



from freshmeat: "New manuals, many bugfixes, changes to administrator page (including the ability to check logs), autodetection of document encodings and langauges, improved handling of Cyrillic and similar languages, classifiers have new argument format, improvements to MSWordPlug and PDFPlug (available in Windows too), and revamping of Search histories. Addition of CORBA, Kea can add Keyword metadata to any document, and numerous MGPP updates. Phind works with thesauri, has new appearance parameters, can be tailored to specific languages, and works when applied several times to one collection." Wow. Find it at the Greenstone site.


Ian writes: "The Beta-2 Release is of JZKit, an open source pure java Z3950 toolkit is now available here or from sourceforge. JZKit is distributed under the LGPL and supports both origin and target development, but this beta release only features an example client.

The release is aimed at Z3950 developers (It really is for developers only at the moment, and the documentation is almost non-existent) who are interested in a java toolkit and don't mind playing around with beta software. The tookit uses its own internal ASN/BER runtime (Compiler also avialable for download in case you have any pesky private externals, or want to have a go with ISO10161). Right now, the project needs a few interested parties to generate some feedback so we can beat the thing into release shape."



Martha writes: "I'd like to annouce the very first (and very
alpha) release of thokbook, a personal library system written in perl. For more information, see the project home page. Please try it out and let me know what you think!


Eric writes: "Prospero 1.36 includes modified server side scripts. In addition to merging the and files, the program now uses session cookies to keep track of authentication. This eliminates the insecure combination of the GET method and usage of crypt() in Problems with IE not being able to view documents have been fixed. Conversion of Ariel documents that don't include the NMPG GEDI tag (ie. CISTI documents) has also been fixed."



as seen on the Koha list: "Lots of changes in this version, hence the jump to 1.1.0. The biggest changes are to do with circulation. There is now a comprehensive circulation API which makes building
circulation modules to use your chosen interface much much easier. There is also now a web based circulation section that uses this module

It's great to see this keep moving forward.


Eric writes to oss4lib-discuss: "The NCSU Libraries has made the source code to MyLibrary@NCState version 2.50 available... Of particular interest might be the description of the new features," including HTML templates, static page creation, and user choice of layouts. I'll take the dancing cows, please. :)



as seen on freshmeat: "GnomeRSVP is a 'Rapid Serial Visual Projector' similar to products like AceReader. In this dynamic representation of text, each word is flashed on the screen one at a time in succession. The reader is less inclined to "oralize" the text, rather the reader interprets whole words as meaningful written symbols. Automatic re-reading of adjacent previous text is therefore rendered impossible. This results in much higher reading speeds than are possible with standard techniques." Finally an approach which might restore the '-^H+^H=^H+^H-' to sigfiles, lacking since the good old days of the electric moose. Will try this out after the upgrade to gtk+-1.4.