Two Years of oss4lib


Happy Birthday to us! We're two!

Certainly has been an interesting two years. What have we accomplished? There are nearly 50 items on the projects page We've had over 200 announcements from 36 different folks, including the mysterious "anon" (anybody know who this guy is?). There are over 250 subscribers on the list, with new folks joining all the time. More than anything else, we've noticed that in recent months there has been a huge increase in the number of conference events about open source in our community, so we know the idea has climbed the ladder without losing its roots. And, best of all, perhaps, is that many of us have actually met at these events, and cultivated friendships and a network of relationships bringing a new measure of enjoyment and effectiveness to our work.

We here at oss4lib really enjoy serving this tightknit community, and we're planning on some new features for the site soon. It's a real pleasure getting to do what we do.

What's been your favorite open source/library event, or the project you're proudest about? Where should we be moving? Are there things we're not getting right? Send us your thoughts...

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