TILT released under Open Publication License


brent writes: "The Texas Information Literacy Tutorial (TILT) was developed by the Digital Information Literacy Office at the University of Texas at Austin, to teach undergraduates fundamental and transferable research skills. TILT has been awarded numerous accolades including the "Innovation in Instruction" award from the ACRL, 2000 and "Best Educational Site" at the South by SouthWest Interactive Festival, 1999. TILT content is applicable to any academic setting; its concepts are intentionally taught without highlighting specific collections or campuses. A version of the TILT tutorial - yourTILT - is now being distributed at no charge under an Open Publication License. After agreeing to the license and registering, individuals and institutions may download a copy of the TILT text, graphics, and scripts to use on their own campuses and customize in whole or in part. We hope that by releasing TILT this way we can encourage content development similar to that experienced by open source projects. To find out more about yourTILT follow the 'Resources for Librarians and Educators' link."