Leviathan awarded grant from LinuxFund


as reported by lwn.net, see the LinuxFund site and the Leviathan Project proposal. An excerpt: "I am proposing creating a complete library system for all library transactions. It will be created with three tiers. The base tier will be a SQL RDMS system. The SQL code will be GPL and follow the SQL '92 Standard. This allows the Library implementation to use "free", Postgresql or GNU SQL, or commercial, Oracle or DB2 or etc., for the database backend. This gives the library or company implementing the solution to choose a "best" setup for the specific library system. The database will be based upon the current MARC Standard. It will include all currently recognized item types and be expandable, as new item types become available." LinuxFund has awarded $1000 to this project effort. Congrats to Donald, and to LinuxFund for choosing this and several other deserving efforts. Good luck! Hopefully you'll find some time savings by working with some of the projects listed here...

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