Rakim: A Knowledge Instant Messenger


Rob wrote to oss4lib-discuss: "i've been working on an online reference/chat system this summer, and thought some others might be interested... the aim of this software is to provide a free (both speech and beer) alternative to the LSSI's of the world....its GPL'd. we're using it here at Miami University (in Oxford, Ohio for you smart asses ;^) to do online reference for about 50-60 hours a week.... we just started using this rewrite about a month ago, and it seems to be stable enough to let others know about. its totally browser-based (no plugins, except for a sound clip that can be turned off), but limited to IE and Netscape 4.X, so it is cross-platform where those browsers exist; the browser support will be extended when i clean up some javascript for mozilla (and its off-spring Netscape6, Galeon, Skipstone), opera, konqueror, etc." Check out rakim and don't miss the docs (wow... docs for an initial release!).

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