James (Java MARC Events) beta 5


Bas writes: "New in this release is a version of MarcXmlWriter that supports XSLT processing using any JAXP compliant XSLT processor (like SAXON or Xalan) and a RecordHandler interface to support complex conversion routines using MARC record objects.

Added to the site is a tutorial about writing MARC to XML conversion programs using the James API and SAX2 events.

The James API provides a sequential model to access a collection of MARC bibliographic records in tape format. The goal of James is to provide a generic Application Programming Interface (API) for records that conform to the MARC standard.

James (Java MARC Events) is written in Java and published under the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation. Downloads and additional information, including the tutorial and Javadoc documentation, can be found at www.bpeters.com."

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