Henrik writes: "TheOpenCD project has completed its second CD with high quality Open Source Software for Windows. The mission of TheOpenCD project is to introduce the general computer user to the world of Open Source by making it easily available for Windows users and by presenting it in a professional manner. The latest CD ISO-image is available for immediate download from download mirrors. Recent stable release of OpenOffice and Mozilla provide the cornerstones for this collection. For this version we have expanded the selection of software, while still keeping a tight focus on quality and ease-of-use. For the more complex applications such as OpenOffice and GIMP we have included guides and tutorials, and for AbiWord and Mozilla we now include a selection of plug-ins. The CD browser program is much improved from v1 and now we also include a few multimedia demos in addition to the open source texts such as 'Free as in Freedom'. Software appearing on the TheOpenCD v1.2 is as follows: OpenOffice, AbiWord, TheGIMP, Mozilla, FileZilla, HTTrack, TightVNC, PuTTY, Audacity, CDex, Celestia, ReallySlick, CrackAttack!, YASC, 7zip, SciTE, WinPT and NetTime." And Greenstone, which makes this particularly useful for our community.

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