Gautier writes: "PMB is a french ILS project, based on PHP/MySQL, which runs under Windows, Linux, MacOS X. Developed in french, the project has a very reactive users community. Although PMB supports an easy translation, there are still parts which remain to translate. (If you want to help, be welcome :-) )
A demo is available at

PMB 3 is now available in english, french, dutch and other languages.

There are lots of new features since the 1.3. The demo url is still usable, you may also try it

You may be interested in our experience on identifying, selecting and implementing an Open Source ILS.
We presented the results of this 5 months (around 30 working days) project at the 10th European Conference of Medical and Health Libraries.

I'm searching for open-source software for a small library. Koha, Evergreen and others sound good, but we only have *ONE* branch, and thus really don't need a server or wide-ranging multi-branch system. It needs to be simple to install (preferably in Windows) and use. We want to be able to have this on one machine (with backup media), using one CCD barcode scanner to scan books and borrower cards.

Anyone have any suggestions? Just thought I'd check and see if there's anything that meets this description.

It sounds like you and I are searching for something similar. What did you finally settle on?

I'm trying to help a very small local group set up their "library". It's essentially a large personal library that some members have access to. We also really don't need a server or all the bells and whistles. I thought about things like but we do need the ability to do cataloging/catalog editing and as we have no budget FREE is always a big bonus. Also, it would be nice to have something that might interface well with an archival catalog we may build later.

Hi Khatores,

Have you seen the Koha for Windows site?

Should be pretty simple to set up for your windows box.

PMB will do the job.
If you need a simple way to install it on one Windows PC, you may use EasyPHP: the install process is well documented (doc in English).

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