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Eric wrote to oss4lib-discuss: "This release of MyLibrary is incremental, but there still a number of noteworthy additions to the distribution: the software now encrypts users' cookies as they are sent from the server to the browser; Impersonate patron is fixed; there are statistical reports against the underlying database summarizing usage; the scripts distribution now includes a set of PHP scripts demonstrating how MyLibrary can participate in OAI (Open Archives Initiative) for sharing metadata. Similarly, the distribution also includes a Perl script for writing RDF files from the underlying database."

ASPLinks Beta 0.2.0


Peter writes: "What's New: Sped up click thrus, now has a web based TABLE upgrader/installer, functional (but not complete) search feature, the beginnings of stastics page, and a pure ASP graphic uploader (anonymous IIS inetusr target folder permissions req.)" Go get it at the ASPLinks page on Extra net.



Peter writes: "ASPLinks is a stand alone links database application written in
VisualBasic/ASP. Features unlimited categories and links, simply by
filling in web forms. Homepage and support website is here and visitor demonstration can be found here.



from fm: "Multilanguage support has been added. Searches with MeSH terms are now possible. A new HTML format in attachments allows full functionality of BioMail with text-based mail clients. Users can receive all their searches in one letter. A Russian translation is now included."



from fm, changes include: "Several bugfixes, an expanded online FAQ, and a new suspend account feature." Check it out at

iDriver Source Code Release

Marc writes: "iDriver is an open-source (GPL) PHP framework for developing database-oriented web applications. It currently supports MySQL only, but will likely be ported to other database systems. iDriver makes writing database-oriented applications easy by providing a powerful, extensible set of user interface components. These components provide highly functional user interfaces, with a high level of security checking.

iDriver has been developed by Jared Davis, under the auspices of the University of Nebraska at Omaha Library, and is currently in use at the Library to power numerous patron service applications. The first iDriver-based application, the Research Wizard Editor System, received the American Library Association Gale Group Award for Excellence in Reference and Adult Library Services for 2001, and was cited as 'An excellent example of how professional expertise and technology can be merged.'"



from freshmeat, changes include "Compatibility with MS Windows NT/2000, removal of duplicate references from searches, stability increases, moving all databases to dbm format, dependency changes from Mail::Mailer to Net::SMTP, and a fix for a bug which allowed username accounts like 'joe '." Go get it here.


Eric writes to oss4lib-discuss: "The NCSU Libraries has made the source code to MyLibrary@NCState version 2.50 available... Of particular interest might be the description of the new features," including HTML templates, static page creation, and user choice of layouts. I'll take the dancing cows, please. :)

MyLibrary@NCState now under GPL


from the sandbox page: "MyLibrary is a user-driven, customizable information service providing access to Internet resources." ELM and his colleagues at NCSU have really built up a rich feature set. download and read more here

BioMail needs a host

BioMail (new link) was apparently shut down by its author's department, according to the message posted at its former site. Dmitry also stated, in a message to all users, "I have yet to find a host where I can continue the BioMail alert service temporarily or permanently. If someone can help, I would be very glad. BioMail requires a Unix system with Perl, a webserver installed, and a stable internet connection (Linux computer with Apache is preferable)." Can anyone lend a few server processes to get this up and running asap? [update (3/3)]: Dmitry just let me know via email that not only has the sourceforge crew ok'd running the server there, but he also already received two messages from some of you friendly folks who saw this or got the message from oss4lib-list. Way to go, folks... :)

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